Saturday, October 22, 2005


Awwww. Isn't She Special? Part Two

Next update from Herr Professor of the story which began here.

We covered the Arrangement of Physical Space, so let's move on to the Presentation of Lessons. The directives in this area are as follows:
1. Include a variety of activities in each lesson.
2. Break long lessons into shorter segments.
3. Have Special Girl review key points orally.
4. Use computer assisted instruction.
5. Write key points on the board.
6. Make sure directions are understood.

Seems like 1, 2, 5, and 6 are pretty standard practice for any class, whether Special Girl is there or not. But does Special Girl become the lesson repeater for the class? She will repeat all key points aloud. Wouldn't you want a variety of students to to take maybe one point each in review? Don't you end up picking on Special Girl? Are the other kids not worthy of being part of the review? Isn't Special Girl going to seem branded as the stupid one because she needs this special review time? I thought the whole point of this was to make her feel more normal.

And then there's the computer assisted instruction. Except the class doesn't have any computers. Pretty much the whole school is without reliable computer access. And if Special Girl does get on a computer somehow, who is teaching/monitoring her while that happens? If Herr Professor takes the girl to the library to try and use a computer there, who is watching the rest of the students? Am I the only one who sees the inconsistency, if not the sheer impossibility, of following this order? How sucky is that?

Plus I heard there was a near riot the other day at lunch. But at least they made it almost all the way through October before it happened, so that's a positive thing, right?

Next time: Assignments
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