Monday, September 12, 2005


U.S. Marines. Does It Get Any Better? And Do My Camera Phone Skills Get Any Worse?

All sorts of people are helping out with Katrina relief. If you're reading this, you've probably already seen several vastly more popular blogs with plenty of info on how to give, and you should have done so already. Scroll a few posts down for one such blog. But there are other ways to help.

We all know the National Guard is in there, but so are the Marines. For a photo essay about some of the Marine relief activities, you can go here.

The Marine home page with lots of info, other articles and photos can be found here.

Also on that page is this link, providing FDA info on drug use and safety in the event of flooding or contaminated water, and temperature sensitive drugs (1 page pdf). You can get that info here.

Even closer to home, you may find Marines on busy streets, solicitating donations from people stuck in traffic. One such is Private Weaver from Manteca, who was kind enough to subject himself to my truly terrible photography skills, as you can see below:

No wonder the U.S. Marines are so kick-ass! If only my pics were half as good. Sorry about that. Just imagine that it's some sort of celestial glory shining down on him for his good work.
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