Friday, September 16, 2005



So I just got done watching the premiere of this new show called Threshold, on CBS. Pretty freaky and pretty good. I will definitely be back for more. The CBS site for the show is here. You go look now!

And check out the show next Friday at 9PM for most of you, or 8PM if you live near me. I'll think you'll enjoy it as well. Some ads for the show have mentioned critics saying it's the best show if this type since the X-Files. It does have aliens. Their purpose is unclear. It appears they have somehow infected, or at least affected, some as yet undetermined percentage of our population. By the end of the premiere, we as audience members have an idea that many more are affected than the Red Team realizes at this point. Lots of sciency type stuff, techy type stuff, hidden messages, DNA manipulation. I'm certainly not qualified to tell you if the science fiction is reality based sci-fi, or made up from whole cloth, but the show does keep you guessing.

Charles S. Dutton is also on the show as Deputy National Security Advisor. But on this show, the government isn't hiding the truth from the Red Team investigators. Instead, Dutton's task is to get the Red Team the resources they need, while keeping their existense, and the presence of the aliens, a secret from the rest of the government, the public, and even the President. Which is a nice change of pace, having the conspiracy work in favor of the heroes for a change.

In X-Files, the alien stuff happened in the "mythology" episodes, single episodes or two-parters that advanced the aliens storyline, interspersed with the other creepy or weird, yet non-alien related, episodes. Since Threshold is about a team specifically assembled to deal with alien contact, it seems likely that all of the episodes will be "mythology" episodes. I noticed at the end that Brannon Braga is an executive producer, and of course I recognized Brent Spiner playing the biologist on the Red Team, both of whom you may recall from their work on ST:TNG. I've enjoyed it so far, and am looking forward to next week's episode. If you're a punk like me without TiVo, it's what's known as appointment television.
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