Saturday, September 03, 2005


This Blog Could Lead To Anywhere, Or Perhaps Nowhere

At least, that's the tagline for the random blogroll section of The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns. How kind of her to put me there. Not sure why or how it happened; in fact I rarely understand why anyone would link here. And if you're one or the other of the regular readers, you know this blog is a first class ticket to nowhere. Yep, and in my head, it sounded just like Ed Rooney when I wrote that. And if you know what I'm talking about, either of you, let me know, cause you rule!
i found myself linked as her/him as well. since i love investigating i discovered that they do "prey" on people with limited incoming links. taking in to account that someone will think they in fact read and enjoyed the blog and blog roll them back. when in reality, they are simply taking the lowest on the list and randomly listing them looking for more links.
Ahhhhh, the lowest of the low. When it comes to this blog, that's more like it!
It's not a big secret or something really. It used to be private list for Sam and I so we could explore the blogsphere, but a bunch of people asked us to make it public so we made it public (talked about it on Sam's site). It's clearly labelled as a random blog roll, never claimed it to be anything else and an article is written on the blog about it just recently, but Sam posts so often that it gets lost in the shuffle.

Sam just likes learning what is out there, and getting a good list of people who enjoy her site so she can visit them in return and learn from them in exchange. After all if they enjoy Sam's postings, it's likely they share something in common.

She reads her reader blog pretty much every day and often links to people on her reader blog roll whenever they post something related and interesting to what she is talking about. Share in the traffic, that kind of thing...

Oh well, no pleasing some people I guess...
lol. my dear lord, the written word can often be misinterpreted. i stated that "i" being the lowest of the low had been linked. and they hadn't even visited me before. :( i'll eat a sock now. and for mr. big, i believe i found a comment by you left on another blog stating that you follow the tips by right wing? and in reading that, i made my discovery. i didn't take offense of a serious note to the random and as i stated earlier i always love to investigate. and hell, a little controversy is always lively.
Holy crap an actual conversation in the comments. First time for everything I guess. Thanks for stopping by folks!
(sorry to Lord Floppington in advance for using his site to respond)

I think the biggest thing that had bugged Sam was the implication that she didn't even visit those she linked to in her blogroll. Since she spends hours a day reading her blogroll it was a bit insulting.

As for the random blogroll, she doesn't control who clicks through it (obviously). But it was Sam whom actually visited your site though that time. It's a great way to get to know people out there, and it does build traffic in the sense that you go visit what you might not otherwise. I've actually put up Sam's FAQ so to explain the whole thing (as best I can).

Yes, I did post about right wing news. That comment was someone questioning just how the heck Sam got as much traffic as she did in the short time she's been blogging. I also mentioned that she had "cheating" help, in that she has paid ads to attract traffic. It was a present from me to her as a little "welcome" to the blogsphere, which she had never been apart of before (didn't even know what blogging was about few months ago), and she loves it now. The ads were fairly inexpensive, but she keep people around by working her butt off to create content and visiting others out there.

The basic principles of how to be a successful blogger are outlined in the right wing news article. Stuff like, don't spend a lot of time responding to comments on your own site when you could be creating content. Be very generous with your linkage. Blah blah blah... It's actually very good if you follow the advice.

Anyway, apologies again to Lord Floppington. Feel free to delete the comment if you feel it's inappropriate use of your bandwidth.
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