Thursday, August 25, 2005


My Ass-Kicking Year

So Miss Tori and I decided that enough is enough, and it's time for some ass kicking. I am now officially one year closer to my eventual doom, pretty much not any closer at all to being declared benelovent dictator, and full up on my crap taking meter. Unfortunately, ass kicking takes work, rather than just skating like normal, so when I'm not at the office, I'm exhausted. Going from set your own hours to fourteen hour days is not the easiest transition. I can't even read all the blogs I want, let alone write as much as I want to on here.

So what's all that mean? It means that you'll have to wait til Sunday (most likely) or else late tomorrow (only a very slight chance) for the reviews I owe you. Cause I've been a movie going fool lately. In addition to Skeleton Key and Four Brothers, I've got The 40 Year Old Virgin to write about and I still owe you that review of Blowing Smoke, which as it typical for me, has got me a lot less irritated after a nice cooling off period, which is good for me because sometimes I fly off the handle.

Oh and the whole union adventure. I'm kinda sick of typing all that, and you're probably really sick of reading it, so I think I'll try to jam the last few days of it into one post and really cut down on the crap quotient of it all. Without taking the time to go through all the notes again, I know there's a certain rave out I want to put in, and I'm not sure what else. See you soon.

And who knew there would be so many hits for Coqroq, including one asking if they're a real band.
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