Sunday, August 14, 2005


Look For The Union Label. Part Three

Here's part one, and part two.

The nap did help. I made it through a two hour meeting that stretched to three hours, which was kind of funny since this lady was saying that some of the qualities we were supposed to be learning down here included being on time and monitoring your own time. And these people at the state level are hardcore. Almost every presentation or training I've been to, when the end of the time comes, they wrap things up and end it. These people have kept this thing going almost an hour past the stated end. Oh here we go this lady is going to wrap things up now, with, get this, SEVEN bullet points!!!! Finally, the pain does end, and we can eat.

But not at the cafereria. That won't be ready til breakfast Monday. Which means we'll be eating the bane of my existence, catered food. Now I suppose there are non evil caterers somewhere in the universe; they just seem to have an aversion to serving food anywhere I am. Thank goodness I had those Fritos at 5:30 AM. For dinner I had a can of Pepsi, a slice of some sort of bread, and a small cesar salad. Here's what I didn't have: some tubular pasta with bits of red that I couldn't identify, some shell type pasta with peas and a pasty white sauce, and something lumpy and reddish and sort of granular looking that somebody said was chicken but which I can tell you without hyperbole looked very similar to some of the roadkill I passed on the freeway on my way down. I finished my paltry morsels before the guy next to me got back with his plate, and he asked me why I hadn't eaten anything. Rather than get all into my food hangups (that's what you guys are here for!), I just said I was a picky eater and left it at that. But don't cry for me Argentina. Things got better once the cafeteria opened. Just wait til you see what I had for breakfast on Monday.

Before they let us go, we were reminded about the opening evening reception. How, sure we might say we're tired, but part of this whole thing is networking and meeting new people and blah blah blah. That might be fine for most people, but what this lady didn't know was that I was really tired, pushing thirty-six hours of no sleep, and that I am socially maladjusted and hate people. So I didn't go. Instead, I was in bed by 7:30PM and slept til 6:00AM. And I was hungry. But I'll tell you about my breakfast next time.
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