Saturday, July 02, 2005


So What Do I Make Of This Google Search? (Updated)

You may recall that the two biggest searches that hit this site from Google involve a certain medical procedure (not even the embarrassing one!) and ponytails. And occasional others, perhaps involving John Kerry, or some movie or band I happened to see. Stuff like that, real stuff, stuff you’ve heard of.

What you haven’t heard of, except for here, is the story of Princess Wolfie, from her early appearances as the object of a schoolboy crush to her present role over the last eight or nine months as a regular at Team Magnum Cocktail Hours. Screw it, there’s just too many links. Hit the archives, June-August, 2004 for the crush stuff, with the Team Magnum stuff scattered from then til now. Or ask me later if you really want me to do the heavy lifting. But I digress. Thing is, Princess Wolfie is, as you’ve guessed, the blog cover name for a real person, one of the supporting characters on this blog.

So did someone read about her here, lose track of this site, and when looking for it again, Googled the only thing he could remember? I can’t help but wonder about the story behind the search. I’m conveniently ignoring the fact that the single other Princess Wolfie hit apparently involved a character mentioned somewhere on this page of the Age of Lords online role playing game. You know, like AD&D.

Who are you, Princess Wolfie searcher?

Actual Update: Oh wait. This post about sexy tattoos is probably hit more often than the ponytail post.
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