Thursday, July 14, 2005


The Ring + Blair Witch Project = ?????

This short film (maybe 5 mins) I found to be rather disturbing. I urge you to save it til late at night, just before bedtime. Turn all the lights off, give it a minute or so to load and begin playing, and when it's finished, go straight to bed, close your eyes, and try to sleep. I dare you.

Etiquette demands thanks for the tip, but as Ace noted, thanking someone for this is a tricky proposition.

Thanks to Wendy (her film reviews, and Darrell's, are here) for the tip to more info about this film. A brief entry can be found here. Info about the director Chris Cunningham can be found here.
This is really freaky. It's actually a short film done by music video director Chris Cunningham. It features the music of Aphex Twin. You can find all the info about it over at imdb if you search for Rubber Johnny.
Hey you're the Wendy that liked The Hulk! Thanks for coming by!
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