Friday, July 15, 2005


Dating Dilemma, Give Your Input

You happen to meet someone. You spend some time together on this first meeting and really seem to click. You definitely look forward to future dates and see potential relationship material here. Unfortunately, this person is out of town for work the next day and will be gone for a week. During this time, you text message back and forth and generally keep up a long-distance flirty banter. You are really looking forward to his return. He gets home late at night, and the two of you have plans to get together the next night. But that day, he tells you he's all tired and it's been hectic, and he cancels, asking to postpone the date without arranging anything specific.

That's the generic version. Witty Sex Kitten wants your input. Her specific details are here. You go look now!
Thanks Floppington! I'm still so annoyed.
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