Friday, June 17, 2005


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Fourteen, The Final Chapter

You’re a bit familiar with Captain Burnout if you read the anniversary post, but we’ve pretty much only looked at his political side. Then there’s the personal side. His first appearance outside of work came at this Team Magnum Cocktail Hour back in February. He asked Princess Wolfie if anything was going on after work, and she let slip that we were getting together. Mrs. Burnout was out of town or otherwise unavailable for some reason. He even suggested that we should do something crazy like hire a limo and got for a night on the town in San Francisco! I mean, what the hell? Just like that? Sure, I would have gone. It’s not like I had anything better to do. But it just never took off.

Fast forward a couple of months. We’re going to an employee issues gathering to discuss various problems with management. Kind of a biggie, with maybe 1,000 or so people. But the meeting is a few hours after work. So we go to visit Sweetcheeks at our regular alcohol dispensing establishment. We could have gone home, and then to the meeting, but why not hang out for the couple of spare hours? Captain Burnout is in a slightly different position. His commute is about an hour each way, so he had to hang out somewhere in Bunktown if he was going to go to this meeting. So he came along too. And we enjoyed perhaps more adult beverages than, to varying degrees, would be prudent. Miss Judi and I are still capable, but Miss Tori, Princess Wolfie, and Captain Burnout are going to need a ride. Unfortunately, neither of us can carry five people in our respective vehicles.

Now PW and Miss Judi are best of pals, so I know they’re riding together. Miss Tori is going with me. CB volunteers to ride with them. Miss Tori and I shared some private chuckles and speculation on Captain Burnout’s actual level of inebriation, since he had asked Princess Wolfie about after work activities that other time. Now he jumps at the chance to ride with her? Hmmm.

Fast forward again to just recently. You may recall from way back that Princess Wolfie applied to go to the new office when it opened. Well the future is now. We won’t be seeing her around the office anymore. Which posed a big dilemma for the good Captain as it turns out.

So we’re at a time of rejoicing around the office here, with one of the biggest cocktail hours we’ve had, and it was Princess Wolfie‘s last day at the office. Mr. Texas, Dr. Cool, Miss Lola, Miss Judi, Sista Girl, Miss Tori, Drinking Buddy, Neighbor Lady, Miss Sexy Shoes (remind me later to tell you more about her) and Princess Wolfie. Well Princess Wolfie absolutely stole the show with a certain document that came into her possession earlier that day. I would have totally kissed her feet for bringing it, because it was just that great. She had in her possession a letter from Captain Burnout.

You see, we hadn’t really let her off the hook, joking around, calling CB her new boyfriend, asking if she invited him to this or that get together, where he might be and why he wasn’t with her, and this had gone on for a couple of months. And she comes in with this letter. Turns out, he and Mrs. Burnout are separated. This was the first time any of us had heard of this. He informs PW that he is pretty much free and clear to hang out with other women! He’ll be traveling for much of July, out of the country, but maybe Princess Wolfie would like to come up to his place in either June or August for a little visit!!!

Seriously, what do you do when the joke you’ve been making becomes reality? We all teased her about it in the past because we thought it was impossible. He is at least 20 years older than her. And he’s Captain Burnout, for pity’s sake. Princess Wolfie may self-identify as a liberal, but she’s no bra-burning hippie. Although if she was, I wouldn’t complain. At least about the bra burning.

I must say, I was totally surprised and overwhelmed reading that letter. Miss Tori was wondering what could possibly be in this thing I’m reading that could be causing this reaction, cause I’m typically Mr. Placid, calm and unperturbed. Until I passed it to her, and she was similarly bowled over. And so on, and so on, and so on. Maybe it’s a good thing PW is going to the new office, cause she’d definitely never hear the end of this.

A great ending to a great time. Now everyone is on to other projects for a while. I’ve got training to do and materials to write up, and so does everyone else, so we‘ll be out of the office for a while. Our clients are off to other things. It may be a while til the next cocktail hour. And a good time was had by all.
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