Tuesday, June 28, 2005


People Of Note

Yeah, this is my lazy version of updating the blogroll. And Lord knows, it needs updating. Today we have two, and my negligence in noting them is more egregious in one case than in the other. But let me start with the recent one.

You all know the wonderful Witty Sex Kitten, our favorite future Bar Exam taker. She tipped me off to Over-Educated Nympho, who is a fun sexy read and pretty regular producer of content, unlike myself. Go for the Are You A Nympho quiz, stay for the discussions of sex and relationships. The quiz is here. You go test now!

Last, long-delayed, but certainly not least, is Nehring The Edge. Does it rhyme with nearing? How should I know? What you get there are movie reviews. Big deal? Well it’s not just current movies coming out in the theaters. You’ll get some current movies, but mostly it’s movies from the last five years or so, with frequent reviews of older movies as well. Nehring himself notes in some reviews that he is a religious person, and his religious values inform his criticism, to a greater or lesser degree. If you’re like me, you hate being preached to, and you may be thinking you’ll never read his reviews based on what I just said. I may have said the same thing. In fact, the only reason I went there in the first place is because he kept showing up in my referral logs and I was wondering what the heck this website was, anyway. Please do not let his religious beliefs stop you from enjoying his movie criticism. He isn’t bible-thumping you, I promise. He gives intelligent criticism, is funny, especially in his description of how bad some movies are (“It was a little difficult to watch the movie. The neighbor’s cat kept trying to bury it in the backyard.”), is, while a Christian, very willing to point how bad many Christian films are, and believes that he has a serious responsibility to mention when some films are not appropriate for certain groups, or are appropriate for other groups. He has an open mind; all I ask is that you keep an open mind and read a few reviews. I think you’ll come back for more; I know I do. Nehring The Edge can be found here. You go look now!

Schadenfreude writers Mark Felton and Daniel Felten recently invited him to contribute to that site on a weekly basis. You can read Scott Nehring’s comments on things other than film there. You go look now!

More on Code Name Eagle’s film school graduation soon. I promise you there was more to it than me whining about Thai food.
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