Sunday, June 05, 2005


Hey Napoleon, What Are You Going To Post Today?

Whatever I feel like, GOSH!

So a while back, I wondered about Napoleon Dynamite, noting that it seemed different somehow from most movies. Within our culture, I was starting to see ND gaining the same sort of revered status that many people my age hold for movies like Caddyshack or Animal House. That was back in March.

My latest issue of Rolling Stone (June 5th, with cool Vader cover) has an article by Andres Pinter about just this very topic. It’s not online, but here’s a little tidbit for you:

“Now Napoleon has entered a bizarre third act where few films have gone, spawning festivals, lecture tours, audience-participation midnight screenings, a merchandising industry and a library of inescapable catchphrases, meaningless to all but the obsessed (‘Tina, come get your ham!’).”

I’d quote you a zillion lines from those other movies, but my computer would run out of pixels. If you can find the article, you’ll see why he gets paid and I don’t. I do have a slight interest in doing more on this subject, but I’m out of time now. I just wanted to toot my own horn on beating Rolling Stone by a couple of months. So toot toot!

Oh, and Name That Tune concludes tomorrow.
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