Tuesday, May 17, 2005


So Let It Be Written, So Let It Be Done!

A few weeks ago, ably tipped by the Llamabutchers, I urged you to get arrested by signing a petition to save one of the smartest, best shows on TV, Arrested Development. The Llamabutchers take is here. You go look now!

Good news! According to the Get Arrested page, victory is ours. The show will be back for a third season; all you have to do now is tell your friends and get them caught up over the summer reruns and all ready for new episodes in the fall.

I urge you to commit yourself to watching this great show, the dedication of regular viewers is more than amply rewarded by the high quality entertainment you get in return.

Actual Update: Did I tell you the Llamas were cool? Unlike me, they work hard so you don't have to; a post with their thoughts, and a link to a short Houston Chronicle piece on the story, is here. You go look now!
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