Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Wictory Wednesday . . .

. . . is a day late and is also a day when we take time to take stock of our nation, where we are, and where we’re going. You may recall that on past Wednesdays, we have pointed to ways to help President Bush and various candidates for senate. Now that the election is over, I figured Wictory Wednesday would become a thing of the past, an honored and fondly remembered part of a successful 2004 election cycle.

Then it occurred to me that all those people didn't turn out to vote just because of the last six months or so of campaigning. Republicans and Democrats both made a major effort ever since 2000 to register and motivate voters, building grassroots networks across the country. So rather than give up the ghost, Wictory Wednesday has been reborn, or born again, if you'll pardon the pun.

Today we're helping end the filibusters of judicial nominees by
contacting our senators here. You go look now!

Polipundit, who organizes the festivities each week, mobilizes the troops here. You go look now!

Dang! I couldn't make the blogroll go here, but it's there at Polipundit's place. Go check them out cause they're cool too. Or I could be less lame than I was the last few weeks and give you this link here. You go look now!

Cause, you know, even though hardly anyone comes here (hey just consider yourself an early adopter!), I do get hits from other WW pages from time to time.
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