Monday, February 07, 2005


Finicky. Part Two

I may have oversold the connection between Miss Lola and myself on the psychology front. Her reputation as being anal is based on one event: The Check.

Twelve of us went out to dinner at this big conference. The waitress was unable to split the check. Miss Lola, with her calculator and a pilfered menu from the waitress stand, carefully calculated everyone’s share. Everyone else reacted pretty much like you are right now. I was busy admiring the attention to detail. And so her legend was born. Now somehow, I have given the impression of also being an anal type. Which is the reasoning used by Princess Wolfie when she suggested I ask Miss Lola out. Is she right? Am I anal? Read the rest, and you tell me.

You can read about my finicky food preferences here. Back? Ok, good.

Let’s segue with See’s candy. Wait didn’t I do that one already? Oh screw it; I’m not going to look all night for it. See’s is just representative for me of the fancy candy industry, but this applies to other candy companies. I want to know what each individual candy is. You know my favorite? Those flat toffee type candies, coated in chocolate, three of them jammed in one of those little paper cups all the candies have. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite because it tastes so good, or because every time I bite into one, I know what I’m going to get. Not so for any of the other candies. I don’t know about you, but I don’t particularly care for a strange and unexpected taste flooding my mouth when I put something in it. But enough about candy, let’s talk about money now.

In my wallet the bills must be in ascending order from front to back. The “heads” side of each bill must be facing the front of the wallet, they must all be right side up. No George or Abe standing on their heads, thank you. The bills are not crinkled or folded and the corners aren’t curled up or folded in.

I make sure my alarm clock is on when I get home. Before I go to sleep I will have checked the alarm time and confirmed the alarm is on twice. Each. To make sure the alarm is on, I set it to the off position, and then switch it on-off-on.

That’s enough, right? I don’t really have to get into a long bit about how I play spider solitaire, do I?
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