Saturday, February 05, 2005


Casanova Frankenstein in Rumoropolis. Part One

Casanova Frankenstein’s first appearance here should get you caught up.

So I’m chattering away with Miss Tori at a client meeting and we end up discussing our status in Rumoropolis. You already know we’re co-managing this one client base we have. Well Neighbor Lady also had a chat with Miss Tori, and it turns out that expert puppet master Tough Boss was asking NL about what Miss Tori and I are up to in the whoopee department. Because of course we’re hanging out a lot at work due to our shared duties. But it’s not just Tough Boss. Turns out, a few of the clients have started wondering too.

Last night, Miss Tori and I had to come in for some extra work with some clients, and Miss Lola also had to be there. You might consider the three of us to be Team Derringer. Miss Lola has also heard things about Miss Tori and I from some clients. Naturally, she also hears rumors from clients about her and Mr. Texas, who shares an office with her. The gossip never stops in Rumoropolis.

Miss Tori and I set Miss Lola straight, and brought her in on our plan to milk this for everything it’s worth, either for our own personal advantage, or to teach those rumor mongers a lesson. One suggestion involves Tough Boss. She has some sort of get away from it all type of place in a rather well regarded place of beauty and wealth, possibly on the coast, but I can’t remember for sure. So the suggestion is that we tell her that for the sake of discretion, we need some out of the way place to, well, you know, and can we use her place. Then go down and have a fun vacation there, laughing all the way.

Maybe you have some other ideas on how we can have fun with this. I’m open to suggestions, but a pregnancy scare or us planning to quit our jobs and run away together are probably a little too over the line for us.
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