Thursday, January 13, 2005


“You See, I Learned Something Today.” What TV Show?

So I dropped by Miss Tori’s office and heard all kinds of good stuff. Lots of time shifting, so I’ll do my best to put things in order and keep this semi-coherent for the uninitiated. Ok back again from partway through. Looks like I’ll be giving you a big picture overview, and toss in the relevant things I learned today when appropriate. The links have extra details, but you can skip them and still get the general idea.

A couple of people had suggested quite a ways back that some of the old biddies at the office would try to set me up sooner or later. Princess Wolfie and Miss Blondie are not old, or biddies, but that didn’t stop them. In June 2004, Princess Wolfie told me that maybe Miss Lola liked me and Miss Blondie told me that maybe Miss Tori liked me. That sort of percolated.

Fast forward a few months to our team building exercise out of town. I had a blast, but apparently the actual old biddies weren’t satisfied with the way things went. I learned today that Tough Boss had told Princess Wolfie that there was some sort of goal for Miss Tori and I to spend a lot of time together there. Unfortunately for them, Miss Tori was rooming with the Little General, and their social circles didn’t really spend their free time with our group, which eventually became Team Magnum. Also at this retreat, I heard for the first time the rumor that Princess Wolfie and Drinking Buddy had hooked up there. I’m sure I must have told you somewhere that that didn’t happen. I’m sure I also told you that rumors about Princess Wolfie were part of the reason she put in for the new office. Yep, I did. Keep that in mind for later.

Fast forward again to the office Christmas dinner. You’ll recall that Princess Wolfie suggested, when we were still trying to get a minimum number of people, that I should ask Miss Lola to go. And that I took the cheesy option of sending her an email telling her about the dinner, without specifically asking her to go with me as a date. I learned today that after her suggestion at lunch that day, Princess Wolfie called Miss Lola, letting her know that I might be calling to ask her out to this dinner. When Miss Lola told this to Miss Tori I think the word was that it seemed “weird” when she got the email. At the time, she said she was busy doing something else. Which was fine, since people get busy, and I hadn’t really asked her out anyway. Looking back now, I’ll further rationalize by noting that she didn’t specify that she had to wash her hair.

You may also recall that a week later at the Team Magnum Christmas Party, Princess Wolfie served up a double, saying I should ask out Miss Tori or Miss Lola. I may even have mentioned that in Princess Wolfie’s eyes, Miss Tori was the slightly better overall match, with Miss Lola’s anal personality keeping her close in the running due to my own anal nature (I may have even told you it wasn’t that kind of anal, ya pervs!). So Princess Wolfie is some sort of matchmaker.

Except for this next thing I learned today. Miss Lola recently told Miss Tori that Princess Wolfie suggested in some fashion to Miss Lola that Miss Tori and I are more than just project co-managers. Neighbor Lady, who had just come in to Miss Tori’s office, got a good chuckle out of this, considering that I’d been chitter chattering with Miss Tori for an hour already. And I’m sure Tough Boss enjoyed passing by and seeing me in there. And then Neighbor Lady reminded me that a couple of weeks ago, someone had said that they heard Neighbor Lady tell Princess Wolfie that she liked me. Who knew I was such a stud? I’m like the Casanova Frankenstein of Rumoropolis. I should admit here that it’s been so long since I saw that movie, I have no idea if the reference even makes sense. I just always liked the name.

One thing I didn’t learn? Why in the heck would Princess Wolfie tell one girl she thinks I should go out with that I’m more than just co-managers with this other girl she thinks I should go out with? Hell, put that aside and answer me this: why on earth would someone who is transferring to a new office in part because she doesn’t like rumors being told about her, be telling rumors herself?

Since I’m never the subject of rumors, I guess I’ll be enjoying this for a while. In fact, Miss Tori and I agreed that we’re sharing sort of a bunker mentality, waiting to see what other wacky rumors we can have a laugh over.
This is totally off topic but I wanted to let you know I updated the website and it looks super cool and plays music on the main page so crank the volume and check it out!

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