Saturday, January 08, 2005


“You Don’t Have To Worry About Me. I Won A Contest.” What TV Show?

Just on the off chance, I wanted to take a moment to welcome anyone visiting from two of my favorite kitties. Witty Sex Kitten readers, meet Empress Kitty’s readers.

WSK was kind enough to toss you my way from her post on “asset” management here. If you didn’t come here from there, you go look now!

You have probably seen caption contests here and there. Well, in the most recent one hosted by Empress Kitty, your humble correspondent was declared dominant over the masses who were not quite as capable. All three of them. Or was it two? In any event, victory is mine! The photo in question is here, and the proclamation of my triumph is here. If you didn’t come here from there, you go look now!

Update: I knew I was missing something from last night. Team Magnum is going to play hooky from work soon. More later.

Update II: More on the "asset" management issue later as well.
I was going to say Requiem for a Dream but I don't know if she really says "I won a contest" it's more like "I'm gonna be on TV." So I dunno. I give up!!
Sorry, Allie Cat. The show has ended, but can still be seen in reruns.
Congratulations on your win! Next time make fun of fat people instead of the handicapped and you are well on your way to future victory! (Oh just kidding I don't give two shits who you make fun of and you know it.)
Thank you, thank you. However, good old Seymour wasn't technically handicapped, just a little balance challenged. As for fat people, well, I've gotta work with what the pic gives me. But even then, I might feel guilty about that. Who knows? Maybe I can sneak in something about the six foot rule one of these times.
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