Friday, January 21, 2005


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Nine

Ok so the pictures are all done; we went Hawaiian style, which means everyone got leid (ba-dum-bump). But the main topic of conversation was about the ethics of dating clients. That was a no-brainer, of course. But what if it’s a client from let’s say five years ago, and you’ve just met the person again. Dr. Cool felt that certain lines are not meant to be crossed, but the rest of us were pretty easygoing about it. I mean if Neighbor Lady likes the guy, why not? Of course I was feeling generous because it was just her birthday, and now she’s officially the elder Team Magnum member for the next several months.

Mr. Texas called this meeting, and got the team photo organized, and now considers himself Mr. Wolf. Unfortunately, Princess Wolfie beat me to the reference check and got the free drink he offered to the first who could make the connection. Damn the luck! But I know I had the better quotes, so it’s a moral victory, even if I had to pay for my own beers.

Back to the client thing again, we try to maintain a professional distance from the clients, similar to the distance between officers and enlisted personnel in our military. Which might have been undermined when I bumped into a client right after we finished our beers and left. Thankfully it wasn’t this particularly flirty client I’ve been trying to find a way to pawn off on someone else.
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