Saturday, January 08, 2005


Red Alert!

Hey I need a hat. I don't particularly care for baseball type caps. Or cowboy hats. I'm fairly flexible otherwise. I'll be wearing black. This hat should be a normal hat (no beer hats or viking helmets), with the potential for looking a little silly. Rather short turnaround time means it will have to be something I'm likely to find in local shopping areas rather than ordering from somewhere. Annnnnnnnnd GO!
I have a crushed red velvet top hat with a black band around the base of the hat and black lining around the brim! It also has a purple feather on it. It's a little small for my head...but my mom always told me I have a big head :( What's the occasion?
I'm not quite sure that would work for me, but thanks for the thought. And don't feel bad about your noggin. After all, my head is freakishly large, as you already know, and aside from taking longer than other children to be able to sit up without toppling over, it hasn't been too difficult to get used to.
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