Sunday, January 09, 2005


Odds And Ends

Just some quickies here and there.

First of all, Miss King happened to observe me with some clients. Later she tells me that for some of them, it’s like therapy talking to me. Which is an interesting and semi-positive thing to say, I guess.

Recently I went and saw that Jim Carrey movie Criminy Frickit: A Series Of Unfunny Events. Well, that’s what the title should have been. Was this supposed to be a kid’s movie or something? It just did not work for me. Blindingly stupid characters were fine in Dumb and Dumber, but here they were just annoying. And the kids. I mean really, aren’t we all sick of babies? Especially talking babies? The brother wasn’t much better. He knows everything, as long as he’s read it in a book. Apparently his parents didn’t have any books about how to effectively communicate with others. Big sister is even worse. Not since “Form of an eagle!” and “Shape of a bucket of water!” have we had such a lame power invocation. Get this. When she wants to use her super inventing powers, she ties her hair up in a nice ribbon. How sweet. How cute. They must have thought the whole hair ribbon thing would keep us from noticing that she’s a MacGyver ripoff.

Finally, we’ve had some discussion recently about bathroom etiquette. I think Witty Sex Kitten and I can both breathe a sigh of relief that we don’t live in Germany, where they use these toilets here. You go look now.

And thanks to the big cheese for the tip.

Me want food now. No more typing.
Too bad about the film, the books are supposed to be brilliant. I am going to start the first one this week, now that I have finished this:
Ok just a little more typing. Maybe it's just because I've somehow turned on Jim Carrey. I just get a negative vibe from him. I feel like I'll need the movie to be so good that it overcomes his presence. Too much goofy mugging or something, maybe that's it. I did wonder if the books might be better. And I'm sort of curious about whether or not it's the brother all grown up writing the stories in the clock tower. Or if not, who this peep creep is that's spying on these poor kids.
I seem to find that everyone who disliked the movie has not yet read the books. I loved the movie and I've read several of the books as well so maybe that is why. It's so bad to watch a movie THEN read the book though. Most of the time the movies leave out so much or mess something up. And the book will dissapoint you if you're expecting something from the movie. You are less dissapointed if something from the book is missing from the movie...cuz hollywood is just stupid like that and we've come to accept it!
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