Monday, January 31, 2005


Benevolent Dictator Update

Well of course you know that someday I want to be benevolent dictator.

You may even know that SUKA is busy creating the fearsome war machine that will make this possible. You can check out our primary strike force here.

Those who get seasick are drafted to our mighty ground forces, and you can see them marching in formation to some appropriate martial music here.

Our top secret air squadrons were caught on film here.

But I really called this update to announce a new power I am seeking. Our top scientists are even now laboring in secret laboratories to take this virtual power and deliver it to my crafty paws. Study carefully, my little angels, so that you will be ready when the revolution comes. Those who comment on this blog should consider themselves part of the enlightened elite who will assume dominance over their lesser peers when the SUKA revolution comes to pass.

Thanks as always to Incredibly Insightful Robert, who toils deep in the bowels of the earth to bubble up that magma-y goodness for the rest of us. Needless to say, he shall be one of the enlightened elite.

Actual Update: Yikes! I guess not even benelovent dictators are perfect. I really need to mention the supreme architect of our combined forces, General Joel Veitch. He's made it all possible through his hard work.
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