Monday, December 13, 2004


Where’s My Damone? (Loose Threads Part Three)

Start with Part One. Then Part Two.

Miss Straight has a restaurant she likes, and several people from our division went there for dinner several months ago, back in May, maybe. Well she tried to make special arrangements for our division to have a holiday get-together there. She needed a minimum of twenty people to reserve the place for just us. So Miss Straight comes around our division lunchroom asking people if they want to go and even encouraging people to bring someone. And I look to my right, and there’s Damone being channeled by Princess Wolfie. And she says to me that I ought to take Miss Lola to this thing.

Just a smidge of background. Princess Wolfie is the “someone” who told me that “so-and-so” liked me. And Miss Lola was the so-and-so to whom Princess Wolfie was referring. You can read all about it and my lame reaction here.

So Princess Wolfie, who I had a crush on, is like trying to set me up with Miss Lola. I mean, wasn’t this a movie in the 80’s starring some or all of the Brat Pack? According to Princess Wolfie, Miss Lola talks about what a nice guy I am, you know, that sort of stuff, whatever. Clearly, she’s on drugs. But here’s PW telling me to take her to this thing. Like, as in a date or something? Well even with Damone Wolfie’s help, I wasn’t quite going that far. I mentioned it to her. I did not offer to take her. But she was busy anyway.

We never did get twenty people, so we switched to the backup restaurant, a well-regarded local eatery. Here’s the group: Mr. and Mrs. Singer, Miss JJ and Mr. JJ, Miss Straight and her friend Mr. Edwards, the Little General, Miss Yale, Miss Dokey, Miss Webb, Miss Honey, Princess Wolfie, and Miss Tori. Who punked out? Miss Tori and Princess Wolfie. But before Miss Tori punked out on dinner, she punked out on a pre-dinner Team Magnum Cocktail Hour at our local hangout. Princess Wolfie made it to that, at least.

Tomorrow: Team Magnum Cocktail Hour (Loose Threads Part Four).
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