Thursday, December 30, 2004


Where The Hell Is Nothing Less?

Yeah! Where are they? Well, they’re over there under New Band Link. The last time I wrote about them was here.

Turns out they’ve been working on the new album, which will totally kick ass. It will be out in the spring. Lucky for me, I can get a little fix at a small show they’ll be playing. I’m sure it will be a nice adventure and I’ll tell you all about it soon.

How many girls will be wearing NL bumper stickers on their hiney region like at the last show? Will the food actually be good food that I like and not crappy food I’m too finicky to eat? How hard will they rock? All these answers and more, in some future post with some cool sounding title!
tell me what you like and i will have it there!
Oh my goodness! LOL No I am just a food crybaby. Get the normal things that people like and it will be great, I'm sure. My problem is that most things I go to that have food are work or family related, and it ends up being like a yuppie cafeteria. Those are just the types of people who organize those things. They always end up being too fancy. It's like the office managers feel the need to show off when they get lunch for us or something. Plus, you know I'm not happy unless I'm complaining about something!
Wait. Is it too late to say Peanut M&M's?
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