Wednesday, December 22, 2004


“Wake Up, Number 37.” What Movie?

I was so sure there was something I was going to write about here. Dug around in my notes, then remembered it was an email. Allie Cat sent me an email. Of course the nice thing to do would be to write back. I sort of thought I would write back here. Which might not be so cool, but there is one little bit we can talk about.

Anyway, we sort of met because of this band Nothing Less. She doesn’t play in the band, but is part of the larger support group. I had seen them and wrote about it here. Their own site is on the blogroll, or you can just click here. You go look now!

So I wrote something on their site, she read it and found my site and that led me to her site. We visit each other’s blogs and leave comments occasionally. Now I’m no Mr. Prolific, but Allie Cat is perhaps more restricted in her free time. It had been a while and I was starting to wonder about her. I left a comment including the quote up there in the title. Kind of a “Where are you and what have you been up to?” sort of thought. I like the way it sounds. I conveniently ignored the rather more grim meaning in the movie. She read it differently and thought I was referring to her as the 37th person on my blogroll. Time out.

How cool is that anyway? Hello Dean Esmay, Number Four! And I imagined this widespread jockeying to gain higher positions on various blogrolls. Sort of like the Speed Dial episode on Seinfeld. Then I woke up and realized that would be a huge pain to keep track of. Time in.

After a quick check I realized she isn’t on my blogroll at all. Oops! But then I counted them, and it turns out she’ll be number . . . you guessed it, it’s practically a Christmas Miracle, number thirty-six. Damn! (You don’t know how badly I wanted to cheat and sneak one in to make it work.). So she’ll be over there shortly, or click here. You go look now!

She’s been busy with lots of band stuff I’ll tell you more about next time. Now I have to go write Allie Cat back.
1. You never wrote me back :(
2. I still don't see my #36 link, am I blind? Not that I even care because no one will click on it and even if they do they will know they are in the wrong place and close it immediately, so.....
3. I recognize the line but can't think of the movie. HELP ME!
4. Tim and I had a wonderful Christmas in Alaska. (I am going to make a post about it right now, I swear!!!)
5. We are having a big New Years party/show here at the homestead if you want to break hermitage for the last time this YEAR. (1614 Ashwood Drive - 9PM - Dec. 31)
The Mothman Prophecies
As soon as I saw your comment, I knew it was this post, even if it is from two years ago. Yes, you got it. The Mothman Prophecies. One of the things I liked best about it was a trait it had in common with White Noise. Yes, there was some fantasy, or some supernatural involved, but it was never a 100% easily discountable fantasy. Anyone who's ever turned an old radio dial has heard those lost whispers of distant voices and wondered what was just said. Of course I don't have the time to record and listen to static all day and night, but even if I did have the time, I'm not so sure I would, and not just because I'm convinced that it's a waste of time.
OMG 2 years O_O ,it was very older,but it still a great blog =)
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