Monday, December 20, 2004


Test Your Knowledge. Part Three

Haven’t done one of these for a while, and today is a bonus edition.

First up is the MASH quiz. Take it and you can see which character you are. This one is actually pretty good, in the sense that I wasn’t sure who I would get. Many TV and movie quizzes just seem so obvious. I mean, if you take a Smokey and the Bandit quiz and your answer for the question about your favorite car is a black trans am, yeah you might end up as bandit. That’s an obvious question. And they annoy me, because I get caught up between answering honestly and making some effort to get the results (or character) I want. There were a few in there that seemed a little obvious (perhaps especially for Winchester), but I definitely wasn’t expecting my result:

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

I mean, Klinger????? Come on now! I’ve hardly ever worn a dress! I always identified with BJ Hunnicutt. Is it just me, or does everyone find that on most shows there are usually one or two characters that just seem to be “you” somehow? Let me cut through the middlemen and just run through a brief list for you. That 70’s Show: Eric Forman. Seinfeld: George. Star Trek: Spock. Growing Pains: Jason Seaver. Full House: Uncle Joey. Family Guy: Brian. South Park: Kyle. Hmmm. Can’t think of any more right now, but give me a show or movie and if I know it I’ll tell you which character I should be.

And as for the bonus, it’s not really a quiz; it’s to help you find your Santa’s Helper name. Sort of like the Pimp Name generator. You remember that one, don’t you? Where I gave you a chance to vote from a list of ten possible names? No wonder you don’t remember; I seem to recall that there was only one vote. But what the hell; here’s a link just in case the masses feel motivated for a recount. The winning name last time: Reverend Doctor Lord Rockefeller.

Anyway, your Santa’s Helper name generator is here. You go look now!

What did I get? Smiley Dancing-Noodles. Yeah great name. Fits right in with Witty Sex Kitten asking if the name Lord Floppington is some sort of sublimated impotence issue. Stupid karma. On the plus side, apparently it’s a happy sublimated impotence issue.

Update: Thanks and welcome to visitors from Witty Sex Kitten. Of course, as usual I notice these things too late, so I’ve probably missed you. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Update II: I can’t neglect the Llamas, who tipped me to the MASH quiz. Santa’s Helper came in the mailbag.

Actual Update: Crap I just found out this was post 300. Kind of a dud.
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