Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Team Magnum Update (Now With Actual Updates!)

(Alternate title: Princess Wolfie Update)

A couple of things. I’m an employee management facilitator in one of my roles in the company. Princess Wolfie has had some problems with one of her client bases, and she had been summoned to Miss Salsa’s office to discuss the situation. Thing is, in a Three’s Company bit of miscommunication, Miss Lola had told Princess Wolfie earlier that morning that Miss Salsa was ticked off. This got PW concerned about getting a reprimand at this meeting, so she asked me to tag along. As it turned out, there was no reprimand for PW, but the relevant vendor was set straight on a few things. So I rode to the non-rescue as it turns out. But the ride was a nice distraction. Any excuse to hang out with PW. See how obvious it is that I’m over her? Next thing.

Team Magnum team photo. We’re still on the action hero thing with photoshop. Maybe I’ll try to get photos of some of my choices and put them here. Or if I get too lazy, I’ll just give you the list later. Next thing.

Ok I briefly checked over past posts and realized there was no background to send you to this time, so here we go. Our particular branch office has a sort of bad reputation. We are the bastard child of the company, might be a better way to put it. We have a new office opening next year across town. We had the option of interviewing for a position there. Problem is, if they pick you, you have to go. I didn’t want to get selected and find out that everyone else was staying at the old office.

Plus, with some new management, our office is really turning around, especially in the morale department. And look, you get comfortable. Who knows what the culture would be like at the new office? Going there and leaving all the cool people behind would suck. It would suck even worse if the new office, new management, new people sucked. Plus, it’s a longer commute, with much crappier traffic.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Princess Wolfie had her interview a few weeks ago. Today she found out that she had been accepted. She has about six more months before the new office is built and she’ll be out of here. Now that really sucks!

Team Magnum Cocktail Hour Friday night. It wouldn’t be too much to offer a toast to the Princess, would it?

Possible Team Magnum Wine Tasting Thursday night. I’ll let you know.

Actual Update: I must have told you before that PW thought this guy at the last wine tasting was hitting on her. I have been rubbing it in a little, but in discussing this upcoming event, PW said again that I blew it by not getting her back. Neighbor Lady promptly stepped in to say that she’ll provide the necessary cover. I registered no objection.
A toast to the Princess! Im catching up to you on the TLLB Ecosystem...Im a slithering reptile now....WooT!
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