Friday, December 03, 2004


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Six

No wine tasting this week, but cocktail hour was right on schedule. Well, except that Mr. Texas exercised his command power and moved up the time an hour and a half. And my crappy phone defenses worked to perfection. Nobody could reach me. But as it turned out, only half the group got the revised time, so it all worked out.

It appears I’m the last holdout on the team photo, so I’ve got to make up my mind. I’ll post some of my options next time.

Princess Wolfie might need a name change to Princess Whiny. I’ve got strep throat. I’m tired. Christmas is coming and I’m broke. But she showed up. Miss Judi, Miss Lola, Sista Girl, and Dr. Cool also made it. It was the first time for him, so that was good.

Maybe you notice this with your work colleagues. Half the time we sit around complaining about our clients, and the other half we sit around complaining about our bosses.

Which was part of the reason PW has abandoned ship and is going to the new office. Subtle Boss, and especially Tough Boss, who are the immediate supervisors in our division, sometimes might be considered a little nosy. Or a little gossipy. After the retreat, there was some suggestion that PW and Drinking Buddy had hooked up. I knew this wasn’t true because Drinking Buddy and I shared a room, and either he or PW were in my sight pretty much the whole time. However, Tough Boss felt the need to discuss this situation with PW, and this was upsetting to her. I mean PW is married, after all, and a good person, and having someone come up and asking you about an affair and advising how to deal with it, it was offensive. Why not just call her a slut. This was the sort of thing that made PW keep her application for the new office a secret.

She told a few people, mainly Team Magnum people. So when Subtle Boss brought it up to her last week, PW sort of raked me over the coals about whether or not I had told Subtle Boss about her interview. I hadn’t, but SB and I have a daily status briefing first thing every morning. Nothing official, but we both get there 30-45 minutes early each day, just to be prepared and get a jump on things. So it was a reasonable question.

Fast forward to Princess Wolfie’s acceptance to work at the new office. Tough Boss has an office right next to Miss Tori. Tuesday, Tough Boss asks Miss Tori if PW had heard anything about her possible new job at the new office. Which Miss Tori promptly asked PW about, because she didn’t even know PW had applied.

I heard about it at a lunch meeting Tuesday with Miss Tori. Which made me laugh. Because unlike last week, on Tuesday morning Subtle Boss did ask me about Princess Wolfie. And she wanted to know the same thing, had PW said anything about being accepted at the new office? At this point I didn’t know that the answer was yes. So I said I hadn’t heard.

Miss Tori and I exchanged our stories at lunch. Two examples of how these two like to keep an eye on things. And this was why PW didn’t tell them she had applied or been interviewed. She didn’t want to spend six weeks barraged with friendly, yet somehow negatively critical advice about what she should do, or badgering her to stay. I never get this stuff from them, and I do not understand why. Is it because I’m a guy? Am I some imposing figure? I mean I am such a wuss I could be totally under their thumb. But I never get anything from them. I don’t know why I would be particularly well-regarded or somehow exempt, but there it is. Or maybe I’m just so dense that I’m blind to the machinations going on around me.

Several beers later, gradual arrivals became gradual departures, and a good time was had by all.
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