Sunday, December 12, 2004


Miss Sunny And Mr Truck (Loose Threads Part Two)

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Miss Sunny is someone I’ve lusted after, but apparently I’m not the only one. Of course, I’ve never acted on it. I first met her at the company retreat. She possessed all the physical attributes most men idealize, as well as the mental attributes often associated with blondes. You’ll see why later. Trust me. And as for her personality, who cares? She’s hot. Just kidding. She’s very sweet. That’s why her name is Miss Sunny. I told you before that I need a Damone, and it’s because Miss Sunny would have to blast me with lighthouse powered high beams for me to get the hint. It’s all academic now, since she turned her high beams on Mr. Truck. What I didn’t know at the time was that there is a Mr. Sunny. And a Mrs. Truck, who has a little pickup of her own due in a few months.

This resulted in some grim moments when Mr. Sunny escorted Miss Sunny to the office to pack up her stuff. She no longer works for the company. She wasn’t fired for having an affair, at least not by the company. I’m not sure if it was her or Mr. Sunny who made the decision. Was it worth it? I don’t know, but she did say Mr. Truck gave her the best ride she’d ever had, if you’ll forgive my extension of the metaphor. And from various tidbits here and there, I have the impression that Miss Sunny’s marriage was such that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

As for Mr. Truck, he’s still at the office, although he’s not in Team Magnum anymore. For one thing, the Team Magnum babes (remind me about them later) don’t have such a high opinion of him now. For another, Mrs. Truck is keeping him on a pretty short leash. He may be in the doghouse, but at least he’s still on the property.

The stupidest part of the whole thing? Miss Sunny told Drinking Buddy about it, which guaranteed that even I would hear about it eventually. Why in the hell would she tell anyone? Doesn’t anyone read Ben (“Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead”) Franklin anymore? Even without her blabbermouth, NVC would have given it away eventually. Miss Sunny and Mr. Truck only made it to one Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. It was also the only one Neighbor Lady has attended so far. After about half an hour, she leaned over to Princess Wolfie and asked her if Miss Sunny and Mr. Truck were doing it! You already know I’m clueless about these sorts of things. Fortunately, Neighbor Lady and Princess Wolfie gather up the scuttlebutt and it filters back to me eventually.
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