Sunday, December 12, 2004


Loose Threads Gathered: A Crossover Event

Sorry for the delay. Been up for maybe 36 hours thanks to supervising some overnight operations (during which I had the time to write this) that Princess Wolfie talked me into. But I did get a nice four hour nap, so here we go. I’ll add some stuff if it seems appropriate, but I’ll try to be careful with my time references. A lot of stuff came out of the last day and a half. It’ll fill the next few posts, including another Team Magnum Cocktail Hour.

I may have mentioned that after a brief viewing of the rock at the company retreat, any doubts about the reality of a Mr. Wolfie were sufficiently allayed. But here’s the thing. Princess Wolfie isn’t wearing the rock anymore, and it seems unlikely that the stone is getting loose again already. I mean, Mrs. Floppington’s ring only needed to be checked once every six months to keep the warranty (or whatever you call it for rings) active. In addition, Princess Wolfie has a place in town. She is here all week now, and at least some weekends. What’s up with that? Of course, I’m not going to ask her. Do I really want to nullify my safe guy status? And if I’m trying to keep my huge crush on her (which I’m completely over, of course) a secret, asking her all these personal questions that pretty much amount to “So are you single and available, or what?” ain’t likely to help.

Then again, I’m pretty sure I did say a while back that I would never have an affair with her, even if she came right out and asked me to. I’m sure I tried to make myself sound noble. Then I admitted that if she got a divorce, I would definitely go out with her. That brief summary is just in case I can’t find the link when I finish writing this. Oh I rock. Here's the link. So I must have thought that the crush only had to be secret when it couldn’t be acted upon. Which makes sense. I mean, if someone is available for dating, and you like that someone, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with telling that someone, asking her out or whatever. Yeah. I’ll probably chicken out if she ever does become available some time in the future. But I’ll cover myself with some noble principle about romance in the workplace, conveniently ignoring the fact that she’s leaving for the new office in another six or seven months. And then I’ll remind you that women tell each other everything, and all this personal stuff would float back to her girlfriends that I would still be working with. I mean, what the hell? I’d be working with a bunch of broads who’ve been entertained with stories of my latest fart or my adventures in nose picking. And I don’t even want to think about the sex stories they’d hear. Princess Wolfie would tell them bad things that would make them laugh. Of course we know she can’t tell them the truth, because then they’d be after me all the time, and she wouldn’t be in the office anymore to keep an eye on them. I’ll go on to say other things that make me sound good, even though we’ll know they’re all laughably inaccurate. We’ll know it’s just a massive effort to rationalize me chickening out. When that day comes, feel free to point back here and call me on it. I’ll probably regret this. But I’m a little punchy from lack of sleep. And did I mention I had several beers in the middle of it all? Oh wait. That comes later.

Back on topic, Princess Wolfie already has enough guys sniffing around her. Not that she necessarily minds, as the following story demonstrates.

Miss Tori and Neighbor Lady had a little chit chat break this morning (Friday morning). PW was among the topics of discussion. They both confirmed that all the guys love PW. So it’s not just me. And like any good puppet master, she enjoys pulling the strings. Need a new presentation easel? A little whisper to someone from maintenance, and she’s got a new one traded from someone else’s office. She got a nice new desk in a similar fashion. It’s not just maintenance. Security loves her. And the male clients, and a few of the females, are simply ga-ga over her.

Let me tell you now, and without bias, that all these other people simply think she’s hot. Which she is. But for me it was more than that. In addition to the lust, there was also the non-lust affection, which, by the way, I’ve told you several times that I’m over now.

The sick thing is, Princess Wolfie wouldn’t get away with it if guys didn’t let her. Guys are just stupid when it comes to hot chicks. For all I know, she leaves the rock at home so as not to discourage any of her peons. We guys know that doesn’t matter, don’t we? Just ask Mr. Truck and Miss Sunny. Their story is up next.
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