Sunday, December 19, 2004


Loose Threads: Epilogue

Start with Part One. Then Part Two. And Part Three. Part Four please. Almost there, Part Five. Bless your endurance. Last time: Part Six.

So we’re sitting there, in Miss Judi’s living room, Princess Wolfie, Drinking Buddy, myself. Now I know he heard this, but I guess he pretended not to. He said nothing. And the spirit of Damone animated Princess Wolfie, and she says I should start dating either Miss Tori or Miss Lola! Just tosses it out there like she’s asking about the weather! Look, maybe I’m a prude or whatever, but that’s a discussion I would prefer to have in private, or at least with less of an audience. However the tension was relieved when she said she thought Miss Tori was perhaps the better match, while allowing that Miss Lola and I both have an anal streak. Yeah the psychological kind, she meant. Even Drinking Buddy couldn’t ignore this, and hiccupped a chuckle. And then Princess Wolfie got distracted by something else.

Later on, talk turned to Miss Lola again, this was after she left. And so I heard about how Miss Lola has a crush on this guy who she used to be a roommate with. We’ll call him Wesley. Apparently, Wesley has two gals who like him, but he hasn’t committed to either one. I should add that he hasn’t dated Miss Lola, or the other gal, Beverly. One of them occasionally cooks for him, and the other occasionally does his laundry. After I got over wondering how either of these two could have fallen into this routine, I had to admit that Wesley has a pretty sweet deal going.

So where do I go with all that? Who knows? I’ll keep you updated as events warrant.
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