Wednesday, December 15, 2004


It’s In The Vault, Baby! (Loose Threads Part Five)

Start with Part One. Then Part Two. And Part Three. Part Four please.

After Team Magnum Cocktail Hour, I headed straight for the dinner. I already told you who was there. Not much of note happened. Well, there was one thing.

I told you I had overnight supervision right after the dinner. This is the project I co-manage with Miss Tori. Last time, she took the first half, and I took the second half, 1-7am. So she said it would only be fair to reverse it this time. I babbled something about how I was fine either way and sort of left the ball in her court. Looked like the reversal would stand.

Which is all well and good, but it didn’t seem very gentlemanly.

So this was the subject of the one thing worth talking about at the dinner. Miss Yale and the Little General let me know in no uncertain terms what my obligations were. Did I mention that this project is in a semi not so nice area? That the parking lot is not necessarily well lit? I was to have Moss Tori call me when she was about to arrive so I could meet her in the parking lot and walk her in. They also let me know it would be very concerning if Miss Tori was left there alone. I explained to them that the manager of the other division involved would be arriving at roughly the same time as Miss Tori. He would be taking over for Miss Straight, who would be there the same time as me. (How was I at the dinner listening to this when Miss Straight left early to get to the project? Yeah, I had a buddy cover for me.)

You can guess what happened next. Miss Straight had to leave at 1am. So she’s gone. And Miss Tori has arrived. But Miss Straight’s replacement never showed. Naturally, Miss Tori said I didn’t have to stay. That’s where I drew the line. She could take the late shift, but there was no way I would leaver her alone there. I’ll be honest. If something was going to happen, it would have to be so major that there would be nothing I could do about it. Miss Tori and I would be screwed. Just forgive my discretion and take my word for it. Yet just the fact that I’m there mitigates against it. Look I’m a total goof, but I’ve also been told I can be intimidating sometimes. Of course, I stayed. See how noble I am?

I learned something today. I learned the value of slumber parties. See, Miss Tori and I don’t really have to do anything. We’re just there in case something gets “screwed up royal” which I think was Mayor Quimby, but you might correct me on that. Anyway, we ended up chitter-chattering all night. Normally I’m no good at this, but we’ve known each other a while and we sort of have, how can I put this? Compatible sensibilities, how’s that?. And I got some of the most mind blowing gossip. I mean I usually just get a little tidbit here or there, and this was like a flood. I had to vault it. There’s no question about that. Still, it can’t help but subconsciously affect me, so maybe you’ll catch some ripples

Oh and the name drawing. I got Mr. Texas. Miss Tori got Princess Wolfie. I don’t know who else got who else. But that’s why they call it Secret Santa. Which will be tomorrow, as it turns out.

Loose Threads concludes in Team Magnum Christmas Party, maybe tomorrow night after the party, or else Friday for sure.
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