Tuesday, November 09, 2004


You Have Been Summoned To The Justice Squad

So you can check for your jury group online. You get the letter warning you your time is up some several weeks in the future. On the Sunday night before your date, you go online and see when, or if, your group has to report. You can see an example of the website and typical instructions for the northern central type California area here. You go look now!

First assignment is to be at court 8AM Monday. If your group isn’t here, the next assignment is to check the website after 11AM Monday for possible afternoon duty. And then it says, do not stay home from work to check the website. Which tells me if you don’t have the internet at work, it’s ok to check after you get home. Which brings us to assignment three, checking the website after 5PM. You can find out which assignment you have Sunday night on the website. I was directed to check after 11AM.

When I got home yesterday, I checked. New assignment: check website after 5PM today. Turns out, the three groups ahead of me were dismissed, but my group has to show up at 8AM Wednesday morning. I swear there are times of the year when my schedule is way open for jury duty, and then other times when it is a pain. Of course I could have put in for a ninety day extension. The last two times I was called, that worked great, schedule-wise, but ninety days from now is just as crap as tomorrow.

Of course, neither of those times did I make the cut and actually get to serve. Just my luck, this time I will. You know I figured since I’ve moved up to wearing ties full time at work, I should do the same at court. But would it make me more likely to be chosen? Don’t get me wrong, I was bitterly disappointed when I was passed over twice. But to be picked now would be such a monumental pain in the butt.

The courts take Veteran’s Day off, don’t they? But do they take it on the actual day? At the office, we get Thursday off. I’ve heard that other people get Friday off, to make it a three day weekend. How full of crap would it be if court is in session Thursday, and off on Friday? I’d lose my day off on Thursday, and on the court holiday Friday, I’d have to go to work. Or would I?

Let’s say your trial was scheduled to last eight weeks, and on Tuesday of week five, there would be hearings for one reason or another and the jury wouldn’t be in court. Would they really expect you to drop in to work for just the one day? More as the situation develops.

On a side note, I’ve got a consultant review tomorrow night, but it overlaps Team Magnum Cocktail Hour, which sucks. I’ll call Princess Wolfie when the review is over and check the status. Since the office is closed Thursday, Team Magnum might be out later than usual. Miss Lola just reminded us again of the team picture. When she says it’s time to get moving, it’s time to get moving. Let me put it to you this way, she’s the one who pulled out a calculator and calculated individual contributions to a twelve person dinner tab. But I say that in an affectionate way, because she’s great.
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