Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Thanksgiving x2 (Hall Of Elders South And Aunt Sexy)

So I visit both sides of the family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The usual Thanksgiving plan is to hit the Hall of Elders South and make the rounds there before heading over to Aunt Sexy’s place where the Matron’s side of the family gathers.

You should get some background on the Hall of Elders South here. Ready? Ok.

So I get down there, and Patron, Sweetie Pie, and Uncle Dem were there. Sweetie Pie went off to do something or other, and the big sit-down happened. Solemn words were exchanged, appropriate thoughts on the departed Patron Prime, mention of certain birthrights. It was all very medieval. Eldest son and all that. I was surprised. And I sort of thought that might be a nice sort of tradition in the family. Of course I have to kick the bucket to do my part, and I won’t be around to see if anyone carries it on. Maybe I’ll do some ghost blogging from beyond the grave ooooooooooo! Wait. Wrong holiday. So after the ceremony is complete, we go to pick up Code Name Eagle and Little D, and head off to the Ranch, where this side of the family gathers. Special K was off with Special R serving Thanksgiving dinners in a homeless shelter. There is speculation that there must be cute guys working there too.

It was nice to see these friendly faces again. But the truth is the vast majority of these people I only see at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know the names of the elders, grandparent level, but most of the cousins and their kids I can never remember their names. It’s a little inconvenient, but since I’m not much of a talker, it all works out.

Before dinner, Eagle and I play basketball in the driveway with Little D and Cousin No Name, we’ll call him. I’ll have to remember to stretch a little next time, or just go easier on them. Sometimes, we hit golf balls down into the orchards. Somehow I have been fortunate enough to make impressive shots in both. Dinner was great, with all the typical food you think of. After, some of us guys put up the tables and chairs, and the women take care of the food. Don’t hate me ladies, it’s just the way things work out. Plus they always finish before we do. Once that’s done, I make a final goodbye tour, wishing everyone well and all that, and I’m out of there. Next stop: Aunt Sexy’s house.

Ok I guess I should say I try to make the names at least a little bit representative of the person to whom I am referring. Of all the Matron’s sisters, she’s the sexy one. Thanksgiving and Christmas are held at her house. By some happy circumstance, they were running late, and I got there in time to sit down for a second meal. Usually I get there in time for a late dessert, so this was a real treat. All the typical stuff here too.

After we all trooped off to a local park. Maybe a roll call is in order. Elder Prime, Matron, Carpenter, Aunt Sexy, Uncle Sport, Cousin Mentor, Mrs. Mentor, and their three kids. So my cousin’s kids, what is that relationship? I mean, the son of my uncle is my cousin. The son of my brother is my nephew. What is the son of my cousin? Anyway, the two boys Rocky and Leonardo and youngest daughter Little Princess were there. At the park, Rocky flew this glider he has. I know nothing about radio controlled planes, but the kit looked impressive. The equipment, fuel, starter, the remote control itself, it wasn’t some cheesy looking junk. The plane has a six foot wingspan, and is built out of balsa wood and other light materials. You fill the gas tank, start the engine, and hand launch the thing, just like you would a paper airplane, but bigger. Off it goes. And you just fly it until it runs out of gas, maybe ten minutes worth of flying. When the engine dies, you just glide in for a landing. Rocky can get the plane pretty high in ten minutes. It doesn’t have the sheer power to go nearly straight up, you just sort of climb in big circles, doing a few loops along the way. Rocky is a pretty proficient pilot. He can glide the thing almost as long as it flew under gas power. He flew it twice, and both times came in for perfect landings. I was impressed. I guess he’s not a little kid anymore. We headed back for pie, and after that, I was out of there, too.

And a good time was had by all.
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