Saturday, November 13, 2004


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Four

Sorry for the delay my little angels. So where was I? Oh yeah. I leave jury duty and head to the back up venue. Turns out only Mr. Texas, Miss Lola and Princess Wolfie made it to the primary rendezvous point. Drinks were drunk, and after Mr. Texas had to go, Princess Wolfie and Miss Lola decided to go to another place. I met them there. Shortly after, Miss Judi arrived.

We changed our minds again. 1920’s style dress up for the team pic? Dumped. We kind of came to the conclusion that it would be too difficult to get the costumes. So now we’re thinking 1970’s style. Which could be fun. Now I understand that the goal is to end up with kind of a silly pic, but it also occurs to me that the gals can look good in clothes from any era. Not so sure if that works for the guys. Ok I’ll just come out and say it. I don’t want to end up looking like Disco Stu. We’ll see what happens.

Turns out Miss Judi and Princess Wolfie planned to spend their day off Thursday going shopping, and then going to a wine tasting. Let me tell you not even the pleasure of their company could induce me to spend six or seven hours holding purses while they do whatever it is girls do when shopping. But wine tasting, I could live with.

I know nothing about wine. I’ve never especially cared for it. Things went pretty well. We tried six wines, and there were two that I actually found agreeable. I seem to recall that one of them was from Oregon. Maybe I should have taken notes like the rest of the people there. Maybe next time. I can understand how someone might say they detect a cherry flavor or a hint of raspberry or whatever. But I never developed a clear understanding of what the tannin flavor/sensation and the acid flavor/sensation were. There were some references to dry mouth or coated teeth but I just wasn’t getting it. Have to pay more attention next time.

One funny note. Ok the wine people are friendly. Mr. Sipper directed the whole thing. And boy does he sip. I guess he’s kind of like the stereotypical wine taster you might see in a movie. Even once he has a drink of wine in his mouth, he still manages to do this sippy thing, and sort of the mouthwash swirl type maneuver. Plus the guy is like sixty or something a I swear he said “shit” several times. It was a hoot. Ok back on track. The funny thing was this guy who was chatting up Princess Wolfie. I just figured they were having a regular conversation, but then today she asked me why I didn’t get her back and play defense against this guy.

Well hell’s bells! Oh the irony. Even now I can barely stand it. Ok look. It’s not like I was ear hustling or anything, but I did catch a bit here and there, and it seemed normal to me. Granted I wasn’t looking, so I wasn’t getting any of the nonverbal commo. Maybe she was seeing something more than I was hearing. Or maybe Chris Rock was right. You know the bit I mean, right? Ask me later. So now I really can’t wait for the next wine tasting to see if her “boyfriend” shows up again. Because the whole situation reminded me of that Seinfeld episode where Elaine pretends Jerry is her boyfriend to avoid going out with another guy. Like Jerry, I’m just thrilled with the comic possibilities of holding Princess Wolfie’s feet to the fire on this one.

So how did I see Princess Wolfie today? Well several members of Team Magnum have gotten into the habit of attending certain local sporting events in which Neighbor Lady’s son Pompy participates. But I’m getting off track. This should be a whole other post by now. I have to work on some stuff for LT William; let me take care of that, and I’ll be back later with his story and Pompy’s event. Plus photos!

Update: On the way out of the local sporting event, a passing acquaintance asked Princess Wolfie if I was her hubby. I mean when it rains it pours, right? I managed to keep my poker face up ok. I may have touched on this recently. Remind me later to get into it a little more.

Actual Update: I forgot to mention that Miss Judi made a joke about the wine tasting that she and Princess Wolfie would look for someone to hook me up with. Seeing the wine people, she was really joking! Then again, this was a smaller than usual crowd this time, probably due to the heavy rain or something. But it just goes to show that the idea is beginning to surface, even if only as a joke for now. I really am becoming a helpless bachelor. Holy crap.
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