Friday, November 19, 2004


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Five

Alternate title: “Who Are You?” “I’m Batman!”

Princess Wolfie took charge. The 70’s pic? No go. She has a contact who can photoshop. And so we’ll be putting our faces onto various superhero/action stars. Princess Wolfie = Lara Croft. Miss Judi = Trinity. Miss Lola = Wonder Woman. Mr Texas = Superman. Sista Girl = Catwoman.

My little angels I could use some feedback. Who should I be? One problem is this goatee I have. Not many superheroes with facial hair. One possibility is Obi-wan. I’m not exactly gray in the follicle department, but maybe we could work with that. Princess Wolfie thinks I should be some sort of evil mastermind, which of course does appeal to me. It can’t be cartoony. I mean, we need a live action person to paste our faces onto. It doesn’t have to be a superhero. I mean, Drinking Buddy might be Indiana Jones. So tell me who I should be. It should be semi-mainstream so people will “get” who I am.

Of course we had beers, so I shouldn’t write about Princess Wolfie in this state. I mean, I pretty much recovered from that whole thing, but there’s other details I should tell you about when I’m in a more sober condition. Ask me later.
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