Monday, November 15, 2004


Lt. William Update Next Post. Or The One After

So I was all set to fill you in on Lt William. I was even refreshing my memory about how to put up the pics. And then I was distracted by the Empress. And then Clippie called with car trouble. Remind me to put up the lyrics of my whiny theme song sometime. If you’re a fan of The Descendents, you might even be able to guess the song after reading this post. Especially if you go look at Clippie’s last appearance here.

Clippie finished a late lunch at a local cafetorium and found that her car wouldn’t start. After a couple of hours trying to reach other people for help, she finally called me. And she got lucky. No, we didn’t have sex this time either, ya pervs. She got lucky cause I actually answered. I almost never answer the phone. Remind me later if you want to hear about my phone defenses. Anyway, I agreed to help.

Now when it comes to car trouble, my help comes in the form of sympathetic murmurings combined with zero auto knowledge. It may have had something to do with the battery. Lucky for both of us, Clippie noticed another friend of hers walking into the cafetorium. He actually fiddled with stuff. We tried to jump the car, but that didn’t work either. Clippie finally decided to call a tow truck, so we went inside for drinks. I was a good boy and just had a soda. Clippie had a margarita. We both ate chips and salsa.

While she was busy looking in the phone book, I was busy checking out these four girls who came into the bar. For some reason, they each had a bouquet of flowers. Of course, Clippie said I should pretend I was heading to the restroom and stop and ask them what the flowers were for. Yeah, I wasn’t going to do that. Sure, they were good looking and all, but picking up women in bars isn’t my usual routine. Come to think of it, I don’t even have a routine. Gotta work on that I guess. My problem is that I’m just not much of a talker. I’m unsocialized. Ask me later.

And now for the unsatisfying ending. The tow truck guy got there, we got home about twenty minutes ago, and now you know where I spent the last four hours.

Lt William maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

And there’s something strange going on with the Empress. I think that will come first, tomorrow definitely.

Oh and The Descendents? The song I mentioned above is on the album “Everything Sucks”. Identify the right one and you will be rewarded when I become benevolent dictator.

Update: I tried to do something special for post 100, and you saw post 200 if you followed the Clippie link above. But my counter is getting squirrely, and I’m not sure how close I am to post 300. Gotta start thinking about that. I’ve got at least one Vigilance Squad post that needs to be continued, as well as a mirror universe follow up, both of which have lain dormant for too long. Maybe I’ll get to one of those for post 300.
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