Thursday, October 21, 2004


Yankees Win! Yankees Win! I Mean, Ummm…

Alternate title: “When I cheated on Jackie, I did it out of joy.” What TV show?

Sorry about the mixed up title. I was just playing big time reporter and writing the post ahead of time. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d give you a link to show what I’m talking about. Those who are familiar with the topic and actually have motivation can send me a link.

Anyway, go Boston! Or maybe I should say go Red Sox, since Boston’s citizenry didn’t exactly cover themselves with glory in their celebrations. Still too lazy; just think random destruction of property. But saying they did it out of joy is just as unsatisfying as it was to Jackie.

What made this year different? Blame it on the Force. Just scroll up, and keep your eyes peeled for the pictures, from the starting point here. You go look now!
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