Monday, October 04, 2004


Win Fame And Fortune. Or At Least A Shirt

Frank J is having a contest. You have the opportunity to write some clever ad copy for his Know Thy Enemy: Liberals t-shirt. You can only send one entry. Frank will choose his five favorite and give everyone a chance to vote on the winner. You can be a famous winner, and even claim to be a paid, or at least compensated, writer. And you’re published in an advertisement sure to be seen by many. Even more, since you know you’ll be bragging to all your friends and linking like crazy to the t-shirt page to shout your triumph to the rooftops. There is also a time limit. The contest opened for forty-eight hours from 4:52pm, Monday October 4th. Send in your entry by that time Wednesday. All the details can be found here. You go look now!

Here’s my own entry: While all hippies are liberals, not all liberals are hippies. They are adept at taking numerous forms. Even though daffy behaviors expose many liberals, others are more difficult to spot. Your duty is to inform your fellow citizens about the dangers of liberals lurking in our midst. This pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt is your primary weapon against Thy Enemy: Liberals. You'll hang the liberals with their own rope when you share this knowledge to each, according to his needs.

Figured I might as well put it here, since it’s not likely to be in the top five.
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