Thursday, October 07, 2004


Team Magnum Shooters

I think this will be a shortie, so I didn’t think Team Magnum Cocktail Hour would quite work.

We got together once again. Unlike last time, Neighbor Lady managed to make it. Also in attendance: Drinking Buddy, Mr. Texas, Miss Judi, Miss Lola, Sista Girl, Princess Wolfie, Miss Sunny. We never did get around to any official business, even though we actually made an agenda:

1. Team Magnum Picture

2. Initiations

3. Drink Beer

Somehow, item three got moved to the top of the agenda, and we never managed to move on from there. I take that back. Drinking Buddy and I briefly mentioned the initiation we had gone through. Then it was mentioned that we really shouldn’t discuss the initiation with the Magnum Pledges present, as it were. Which was just Neighbor Lady, now that I think of it. Miss Tori is another pledge. There may be one or two others. Maybe I’ll try to work on an initiation ceremony. Send me some ideas if you feel motivated.

On the picture issue, we just confirmed we were going for 20’s style.

And a good time was had by all.
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