Friday, October 22, 2004


Team Magnum Cocktail Hour. Part Two

...later tonight. More when I get back.

Actual Update: Saturday. Yeah, it didn’t happen after all. We had some work stuff to do. While Neighbor Lady and I focused on that, Princess Wolfie and Miss Judy had to make some deliveries. Mr. Texas and Drinking Buddy were working in documents and communication all night. And while all this was going on, Miss Lola was running a client party. So where do I begin?

Ok. Neighbor Lady and I finished up with our stuff, and she had to go home to guests from out of town. Princess Wolfie has a sort of love hate relationship with another division within the company, and she was in a bad mood by the end of the evening, not up to going out. Mr. Truck is our longest commuter, and on hearing this news, he decided to call it a night too. And so did I. Drinking Buddy went to tie up some last minute details at the client party. It didn’t sound like he would be going out either. Maybe I’ll let you know Monday if anyone went out after all.

Because here’s my problem, which wasn’t a problem before now and still might not be a problem. Once I’m out of the office, I’m pretty much incommunicado. Of course I have a regular phone at home, which almost no one calls. And I do have a cell phone for client emergencies that I never use otherwise. And since no one calls me, I’ve never been in the habit of giving out my number. Even though the number of calls I get is extremely low, the number of calls I make is even lower. So what’s the etiquette of giving out your number? Do you just say to someone, hey even though I’ll probably never call you, and you’ll probably never call me, let’s exchange numbers? See, since Team Magnum is work based, we all see each other there and make plans there as well. Except Miss Sunny. Remind me later about her and why she had to leave the company. And she’s probably out of Team Magnum too. And there’s sex involved.

There’s never really been a need to call to make plans. So if moods shifted and some of them did go out after all, I was out of reach. Oh well. I’ve been thinking about getting a new cell phone anyway. The one I have now is getting close to four years old. It’s practically a tin can with string. Anyone have any ideas? I did find out I’m not under contract anymore, and can switch to any company or plan at any time.

But let’s talk about food. Now of course, I’ve told you all about the effect she has on me (which is different now, but still good), but it turns out I’m not the only one. She ate last night at work with Miss Judy. And then one of her clients came by to drop off dinner for her. And then Drinking Buddy comes by with more food for her. If you’re a long time reader, all three of you, you don’t need an update on Princess Wolfie and that whole situation. If you do need an update, let me know. And now back to food.

Ok food can be messy. Now at a food eating establishment, this can be managed. Eating on the fly, not so easy. DB would have brought me something, but I wasn’t thinking fast enough and said no to avoid the mess. I should have just asked for fries. This particular establishment from which he was bringing food has good fries. So I didn’t have anything. And I don’t eat during lunch at work either. I just get a soda from the machine. About which, the comments have died down quite a bit. Princess Wolfie hasn’t nagged me about it for a few weeks now. And I mean it’s not like I’m getting any skinnier.

I’ve been at this weight for months now. Since spring at least. And even though a couple of weeks ago someone at the office asked me about it with one of those tones of concern, and mentioned that I didn’t need to lose any more weight, the fact is that I need to lose another twenty pounds to get into the green zone on that stupid chart at the doctor’s office. At least I’m in the yellow and not the red. Oh yeah and my blood pressure was down last time I went in. What time was that? Well it was the time I went in for what has become the post that is near the top of the most common search engine hits I get on this site. As long as I’m at it, I got a haircut recently too. Not as good as the last one. I had to chit chat a little this time. Ok maybe I’m rambling a little. Probably a good sign that I should wrap this up.
If anything, do it for the Nothing Less shirt! Burn those calories and imagine that sexy shirt you could sport on the weekends!

"America..............FUCK YEAH!" I loved it.
Unfortunately the critical error you make is including me and the word "sexy" in the same sentence!!!
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