Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Strengthen The Good

Strengthen the Good is an effort to identify worthy micro-charities in an effort to focus attention and donations on smaller charities that don’t get all the press of the biggies. Learn more about Strengthen the Good by clicking the STG button over on the left there. The latest identified charity is Garden of Angels. The tender vittles:

When this micro-charity was first brought to my attention, I was only told "It's a bittersweet thing--you'll understand when you read it."

And indeed it is.

How’s this for fighting evil by doing something good: claiming the bodies of abandoned infants ... those left in dumpsters, bathrooms, or by the side of the road ... and giving them names and dignified burials.

That’s what Debi Faris does, and her Garden of Angels effort is the latest charity profiled by Strengthen the Good.

Please read the full details and find out how to contribute to Garden of Angels here. You go look now!
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