Saturday, October 16, 2004


The Secret Is Out

Faithful readers like Allie Cat will know that someday I plan to become benevolent dictator. And that I would like the benevolent power of life and death, preferably by laser. Which is all well and good for the future, but how do I get from here to there?

That information has been a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, the secret has been leaked. Lord Floppington has eyes and ears everywhere. Our Sexy Texy correspondent from the great sandbox state sounded the alarm. Might as well come clean.

Yes, I am raising a secret army that will do my dirty work so I can remain benevolent while conquering those who are somehow lesser. If you see this army near you, do not be alarmed. Simply submit to their will. Those who resist shall be neutralized. Those who are lesser shall be neutralized. Those who are worthy shall be placed in positions of dominance.

How shall you recognize this army? You shall know the day of revolution is at hand when you look out your window and see this. You go look now!
Mwahahahahaha!!!! I knew those kitties were doing something....
Don't tell anyone! I figured the best way to keep it secret was to put it here in the vault of the unknown.
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