Thursday, October 14, 2004


“Say No More, Mon Amour!” What Movie?

Well, maybe just a little more from Roger L. Simon (bonus: follow the “timing” link to see the trailer) here. You go look now!

Check out the Team America: World Police site here. You go look now!

And see how much fun you can have putting the guys in the girl’s uniforms with the create your own character generator here. You go look now!

Update: I wonder how many other Team America people are starches?
Empire Records....oh Rexy, he's sooo sexy!

I just wanted to let you know that I still read your blog frequently...and that I finally updated mine, haha!
She is alive! I was wondering when you'd be back! And finally, finally, somebody got one of those quotes I put up there! I hadn't done one in a while, but I figured for the Team America posts I should get back in practice. Pay attention, you other readers! This is the kind of stuff that earns you preferred positions when I become benelovent dictator. Or save your Team America ticket stub and recieve a lesser, if still preferred position.
Whoops! First, I should say I am referring to Good Citizen Alyssa in that last comment. Second, let me just say no, the bit about preferred positions has nothing to do with sex, ya pervs!
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