Tuesday, October 12, 2004


“I Want Him Dead! I Want His Family Dead! I Want His House Burned To The Ground!” What movie?

Read part one here.

Check out the Team America: World Police movie trailer here. You go look now!

Last time, I think I pretty well covered Special movies. Since I hate all annoying people, I don’t usually go to the movies. Special movies are those that have some extra value on the big screen that makes it worth putting up with jerks. Then I got burned out before I got to Social movies.

Social movies are movies that I go to see for the sake of hanging out with people. This category includes the other movie I’ve seen in theaters this year, Starsky and Hutch. You see, the Matron has decided that we need to hang out more. I’m not sure if she’s feeling old (which she’s not), or if she’s feeling sorry for me on my own again. Whatever the case, seeing a movie was on the agenda for one of my visits to the Hall of Elders North. Of course seeing movies on dates or with friends are also examples of Social movies. I’m trying to convince Team Magnum to go see it together; we’ll see how that goes.

More from future Team America movie attendee and esteemed worthy Frank J can be found here. You go look now!

And esteemed worthy INDC Bill’s thoughts on the movie can be found here. You go look now!

And then check out what one of the Llama Butchers has to say. It’s not Amazingly Perceptive Steve this time. Get the straight scoop from Incredibly Insightful Robert here. You go look now!

And read this neat article (with a spoiler) here. You go look now!
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