Friday, October 15, 2004


“I Can Run Circles Around That Jerk.” What Movie?

Team America: World Police opens today. Your mission is to help this movie crush Fahrenheit 9/11 at the box office. You must go see it. I think our goal is doable, but we do face the hurdle of a fall movie up against a summer movie. The tender vittles:

Weekend one: $23,920,627
Weekend two: $22,027,125
Weekend three: $11,030,898
Weekend four: $7,175,674
Weekend five: $4,759,921
Weekend six: $3,109,038
Weekend seven: $1,911,605
Weekend eight: $1,011,855

Add another eight weeks under a million and you get a grand total so far of $119,078,393.

Our work may be cut out for us, but I’m sure it’s nothing a bunch of fun-loving, optimistic Americans can’t handle. Especially when it’s a chance to crush Michael Moore. Oh wait. Russel Wardlow pointed out that in a crushing competition, Moore has a distinct advantage. Then maybe we should take the words of C. Montgomery Burns, “Destroy him!”

And check out these esteemed worthies who are fighting the just fight.

Incredibly Insightful Robert can be found here. You go look now!

Mean Mr. Mustard weighs in here. You go look now!

And Bill at INDC Journal’s thoughts are here. You go look now!

Even CBS is getting in on the act. Their accurate (as far as we know) story is here. You go look now!
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