Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Hall Of Elders North. Part Three

Alternate title: “Do you feel lucky, Punk?” What movie?

So I had a recent visit to the Hall of Elders North. Earlier visits were reported here and here.

Now you’re familiar with the pesky non-human mammals. This visit I got a close up look at two of the non-pesky rabbits. Except for Bugs, rabbits are dense. I’ll give you Rabbit Two first. For reasons related to Rabbit One, we didn’t want Rabbit Two to get into the former chicken run. Remind me later if you want the saga of the chickens. There was a gap in the chicken run fence that Rabbit Two might have entered, and I was walking up to him to shoo him away. Chicken run fence forms an “L” intersection with a chain link section of horse corral fence. The gap is right in the corner. Stupid Rabbit Two will not run to the immense open part of the yard. Instead, he runs into both fences three or four times. Bounced right off and got up to try again. Finally, he went out to the open yard. And we got a little insight into what happened to Rabbit One.

Rabbit one actually was inside the chicken run. Apparently, something spooked him, and he leaped right at the chicken run fence. None of his feet were lucky. Instead of hitting the wires that formed the squares of the fence, he hit one of the squares dead-on and his head popped through. He managed to get his front legs through. The rest of him could not fit, or get, through the fence. And he couldn’t get any leverage to pull himself back out. Again, this is all speculation, but fairly reasonable.

Carpenter discovered Rabbit One at let’s say 10:00AM. But the head was laying on the ground a few feet away. Other than that, the head and body were in good shape. My speculation: Caprenter didn’t notice Rabbit One when he first got out to the garden area. He may have rattled around for a half hour. Whatever had just begun its rabbit brunch was scared off, but didn’t go far. This speculation is reasonable based on what followed.

I arrived and was eventually conducted to Rabbit One. Who had become . . . somewhat diminished. Ok maybe this has been too gross already. The remaining details are grisly and perhaps best left to your imaginations. Ask me later if you really need to hear it.

A side note that was funny, twice. The Matron asked about the situation at Camp South. Were they going to keep it? And then Matron half-jokingly asked if she and Carpenter could use it. We both laughed over that, because we both knew that Patron Prime was extremely strict about access to Camp South. Please note this visit took place before the wedding mentioned at the Camp South link above. After I heard at the wedding that the gates were open at Camp South, I got a bonus chuckle thinking of the question Matron had asked just a few days before.

And there was much rejoicing, “Yayyy!”

And check out Chase Bradstreet’s blog here. You go look now!

Update: Team Magnum cocktail hour Thursday night.
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