Monday, October 25, 2004


Funny, I Never Knew I Was Into Bestiality

Ok so there’s a sort of lunch room on our side of the office that many of us go to for lunch. Normally it’s fine. However, we have one annoying person who has driven away one person already. Our office is overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat. The annoying person is one of them. I call him Captain Burnout. He’s one of these types with a dreamy air of unreality about him. Kinda spacey. But definitely an advocate.

Normally politics won’t even come up. Occasionally, Captain Burnout will slip in a crack on Bush in the midst of discussing some issue or other. But now that it’s an election year, he’s more active. Usually I just ignore it and chitter chat with Princess Wolfie and Neighbor Lady and sometimes Drinking Buddy. Usually. But the other day he actually said Republicans are into bestiality. Even among the rest of the libs, there was a moment of stunned silence. I was offended. Mrs. Kazinski up and left. Remind me to tell you about her later. After she left, Captain Burnout laughingly asked “Do you think she was mad?” How I hope and pray for an overwhelming Bush victory so that I can savor the sweet justice.

Was my mommy the only one to advise against discussing politics or religion just for this kind of reason?
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