Saturday, October 30, 2004


A Couple Of Odds And Ends

Holy crap my little angels thanks for being so patient with me. Maybe a little round up for you would be in order.

Ok I must have told you that Miss Tori and I are co-managing one of our client bases. At least, I think I mentioned it. I just looked for a link and couldn’t find it. This was a job Princess Wolfie conned me into. We had a bit of a snafu. Miss Tori or I have to sign off on major expenditures. The president of the client needed some equipment that had been shipped. Neither of us were around to approve the purchase order, so she went ahead and signed Miss Tori’s name. Not so good. I mean, either of us would have approved the purchase, but forging signatures on payment papers is a no-no. After a contentious meeting, the clients decided the written and public apology was sufficient, and that the president didn’t have to resign. Things have been pretty smooth since then.

Drinking Buddy gets me in trouble sometimes. He’s the one that convinced me to go to this concert. The night before a big thing at work. You see, other people are sticks in the mud. I’m more like rebar in the cement. Well up at the retreat, on a long drive mentioned here, DB and I had occasion to be behind a Hummer, which I kind of like. So now for the last three months, every once in a while he’ll ask me when I’m getting my new Hummer. Actually, it would be an H2. Or maybe H3, which comes out next spring.

Usually I’m a low profile, fly under the radar kind of cat. Old me would never get an H2. And I had a couple of good excuses. First, my current vehicle has almost two more years on the lease. An even better excuse is that I live in a tiny place. With a tiny garage. An H2 wouldn’t even fit in my garage, and there’s no way I would park it on the street.

After some more prodding, I went to do some research. At least I could dream, and maybe take a test drive or something. The dream part worked. For the test drive part, the nearest dealer is forty miles away. I’ll cruise across town to check out a car, just to get out of the house, but I’m not driving forty miles to test drive a car I know I’m not buying for a couple of years at least. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I wrote down the dimensions of an H2 and saw that it actually might fit in my garage after all. Big picture? I have two years to save my pennies and clean the garage. And the saving pennies part is the easy half of the equation.

Update: Ha ha ha! Just realized that the concert post linked to up there has a brief mention of Hummers near the end. Circle of life, baby!
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