Sunday, October 10, 2004


Call Of The Wild. Part Nine

You can find part eight here.

I find that it’s time once again to examine my own evolution and see how things are going. Last time, I was a Large Mammal, and I’m still there. Let’s face it. I’m not likely to go much higher. Plus, I’ve actually dropped a bit from previous highs. I’m no longer in the 400’s. This week I’m 557. I’ve come semi-far in the ecosystem, all the way to level thirteen (of sixteen) but I’ll have to go three times as far to get the next rung. Continuing the tradition, I shall now take a look at the Large Mammals just above and below me.

A red cape is being dangled by (one spot above me): Defective Yeti. Tagline: Don‘t make me pull this internet over.

What’s that? The tagline alone makes this sound like a blog you’d want to read? Me too. But still, I’d better take a look at the actual posts. Or the blogroll. Hardly anyone I recognize on it. That’s a good sign; I might learn something new here. Includes current books movies and games he enjoys. The he in question is “Matthew Baldwin, Pretty Okay Guy.” And modest too! Really good stuff. Lots of humor, and I can already tell his humor clicks with me very well. He’s going on my regular reading list. And if he isn’t on my blogroll in two weeks, remind me to correct the oversight or justify the reasons I’m not adding him. Pacing: Skipped several days while in D.C., but normally a post a day. Prescription: five times a week for two weeks, then as needed.

My sharpened horns have gored (one spot below me): Coultergeist. Tagline: None.

This is Ann Coulter’s page on the Human Events Online website. For some reason it’s fairly empty right now, but you can still follow lots of links to various columnists and news events. A useful site, but I already have enough to read online. Columnists and news reporting with steady pacing. Prescription, twice a week for one week, then as needed.
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